HOUSTON Drugs, prostitutes, gambling. Investigators say a secret bar in north Harris County offered all three.

After a 3-month undercover investigation, the Texas Department of Public Safety s Criminal Investigations Division raided the popular sports bar called Craigers early Friday. Only KHOU 11 News was there.

They say the bar at FM 1960 and Walters Road looked like the average sports bar downstairs. It was in the private rooms upstairs where the illegal games were allegedly being played, sometimes after hours.

HPD, FBI and ATF agents were all part of the sting operation because of the different types of crimes that were allegedly taking place inside the club.

Investigators detained dozens of patrons and found marijuana, cocaine, and meth on some of them.

Some of the customers had outstanding warrants. One is even a suspect in a homicide investigation.

Upstairs, investigators showed us a poker room where several customers were allegedly involved in a high-stakes game.

And up on the wall, there was a calendar posted. It seemed clear illegal gambling was taking place here at least six days a week.

There were also illegal 8-liner machines.

DPS tells us the after-hour place was frequented by prostitutes. There was a bed in one room, and a dance pole in another.

The surveillance system was impressive. There were cameras in every room. They were monitored by managers and dealers, according to police. They say club owner Craig Malloy had his own camera at home.

Malloy was arrested at his residence along with 5 others associated with the business.

One of them was Harris County Deputy Jimmy George. He was taken into custody at another location and charged with tampering with a government record.

DPS investigators tell us George was allegedly taking payoffs from the club to keep law enforcement away.

They say that could be one reason Craigers was allegedly able to operate illegally for several years.

The club opened for business nine years ago.

DPS says Craigers won t be open again. All its valuables were seized before the doors were locked for the last time.

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