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GALVESTON, TX Donley , the young dolphin rescued from the beach in Port Aransas last month, is continuing to improve at the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network rehabilitation facilities in Galveston.

Donley was found on the beach on Nov. 3 with numerous rake marks from other dolphins. Hewas in fairly good condition, otherwise and was transferred to Galveston on Nov. 9.

Donley is veryactive and continues to show signs ofprogress, according to his caregivers at TMMSN.

He'sa very young dolphin, estimated at less than a year of age, and was probablyseparated from his pod and mother prior to his stranding.

For weeks,TMMSN volunteers and staff had to feed Donley a special zoological milk formula through tubes or a bottle every four hours. He's now graduated to eating whole fish although he still requires assistance at all feedings.

TMMSN Volunteers have also been watching over baby Donley around the clock and have put in a tremendous effort in making sure this young dolphin recovers.

If you'd like to make a donation to theTexas Marine Mammal Stranding Network's Donley Dolphin Rehabilitation Fund you can do so online at their Web site:

They also need a heater, bleach, paper towels and other supplies.

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