HOUSTON-Most of us like to see a good movie now and then, but the price can make us feel like we're at a horror show. Adult tickets are typically $9.50 -- Never mind the costs at the concession stand.

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June 11, 2009

But we found out that Costco sells movie ticket vouchers for $7.50 per ticket. That's two dollars cheaper than buying them at the theater.

"We sell a lot of these tickets and a lot of people are very happy with it. You're saving pretty much five bucks for a weekend movie," said Bruce Marteney, Costco General Manager of the store on Richmond in the Greenway Plaza area. "Five dollars on two tickets, you know, it almost buys you soda."

The ticket vouchers are good at most major theaters. And there's something else you can get at Costco besides the movie vouchers, too: discount gift cards for restaurants.

"We have a few restaurant gift cards, including McCormick and Schmick's, Flemings and then we have a Houston (card) that covers several restaurants throughout Houston," Marteney said.

A hundred dollars worth of dining costs $80 using the gift cards.

"You can use them at any time and there's no catch to them," Marteney said.

A Costco membership will set you back $50, but a couple of nice dinners and a movie for two will easily recoup that cost.

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