GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas A 9-year-old boy who wanted to pay it forward got a little payback himself on Saturday.

A Walmart store in Grand Prairie surprised Hector Montoya with a free flat screen TV and video games.

Recently, the boy used the money he had saved to buy a PlayStation 4 to instead buy smoke detectors for his community.

Hector got the idea after hearing about a mother and child killed in a fire.

It affects me because I don't like when people die... it just hurts my heart, he said. I want to prevent that from happening by giving as many smoke detectors as I can.

Walmart also donated 500 smoke detectors to the Grand Prairie Fire Department in Hector's name.

I didn't expect all this, he said. All I wanted to do was give out smoke detectors and help out the community.

Hector also had a message for the White House:

I would like to tell Mrs. Obama... I know President Obama is really busy... but every house should have a working smoke detector. I know he's really busy, but can you help us make it happen?

Hector concedes that the Obamas may or may not hear his call for help, but he still plans to continue his efforts, by donating out more smoke detectors in the future.

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