HOSUTON -- Twitter is moving forward with a plan that may have you spending more online, just by using a hashtag. It may also change how you watch TV.

You ll remember earlier this year Twitter and American express linked up to offer online ordering via tweets. Well now Twitter wants to take it even further.

Company VP Joel Lunenfield tells Mashable he wants marketers and companies to be able to capitalize on real-time trends. This means companies may be able to offer hashtags that tie-in to trending topics, products, or TV shows. The company says one day you may even be able to make a reservation at a restaurant just by using the right hashtag.

Twitter hopes to launch a system that monitors what s trending so companies can offer a call-to-action response. Often these trends will be determined by what's on TV, which Lunenfield says shouldn't be affected too much by DVR viewing (or those that choose to watch shows only on Hulu or Netflix).

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