GARLAND -- Garland police said Thursday the parents of three more boys have come forward accusing Garland soccer coach Bernardo Mondragon-Guzman of sexual assault.

But police are concerned some parents may not be coming forward. They believe some parents of kids who played soccer on the coach's team may have fears regarding their immigration status.

The police want to assure the parents that they are not concerned about that. They told us they just want to find other kids who may have been molested.

Last week, police charged Guzman for the continuous sexual assault of a 10-year-old boy who was on his team. They expect additional charges to be filed against the Garland Soccer Association coach as a result of these latest interviews.

We're going through the process now of interviewing children, said Joe Harn, Garland Police Spokesman. If, in fact, they end up being victims, we'll file more charges.


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