HOUSTON -- The details about the mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater have been chilling, including the attire police said the suspect was wearing.

The suspect, James Holmes, 24, is in custody. Police said he was wearing riot gear, which includes a helmet, vest, leggings, throat protector and groin protector. Some say the body armor posed a major threat to authorities if Holmes had not surrendered.

The bad guys are having just as much armor and just as much high-velocity weapons as law enforcement, said Oscar Saldivar with Top Brass Military and Tactical.

Oscar Saldivar said his store does not sell such heavy duty tactical gear to the average person.

We only sell to law enforcement agencies. Everyone else has to go with the city s police chief and obtain proper credentials, explained Salidvar.

Top Brass Military and Tactical was among the stores that KHOU contacted. Every store on the list claimed they do not sell such tactical gear to the general public.

However, a simple Google search reveals a surplus of tactical gear ready for purchase. It isn t difficult to find in stock items that are available for immediate delivery.

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