HOUSTON One of the neighborhoods in The Woodlands that was hit hard during Hurricane Ike flooded again Thursday night.

Homeowners at least a dozen homes located around Glen Loch and Dawnwood were ripping out ruined carpet and furniture and piling it up in the street.

Robert Lockey said he had several inches of water in his house Thursday night from Panther Creek. It receded in an hour, but the damage was already done.

I m hoping, and with my fingers crossed, (that) it don t get in the house, but I m kind of leery that it might, said David Vance, another homeowner.

Spring Creek, which is located on the other side of the neighborhood, began flooding across Timber Pines Drive after another downpour early Friday morning. One home was evacuated. It had two feet of water inside of it.

Several other neighbors were packing up and leaving for hotels, just in case the water keeps rising.

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