RICHARDSON - Two workers were reportedly killed when a crane collapsed as crews worked to dismantle the crane Saturday at the University of Texas Dallas campus in Richardson.

The incident happened as strong winds and storms blew into North Texas.

A lot of screaming, said Arnard Gayapershad, a witness on the campus at the time of the crash. We heard a loud crashing sound, like metal falling from the sky. Then we heard more screaming.

I'm assuming the first one was screaming in fear, and the second one was screaming in pain, he continued.

The construction crane was being dismantled outside the Arts and Technology Building on the campus. A UTD statement said the two workers were from an outside construction company.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation, but witnesses said stormy weather had just developed the moment it happened.

School officials released a statement in which they expressed their condolences to family members of the two victims and asked people to stay away from the scene.

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