DALLAS The most famous store in Dallas, Neiman Marcus, is finding itself a target of a lawsuit by an angry shopper.

Famous for taking back almost any returned item, this time the luxury store said it won't take back the goods.

After Patricia Walker of University Park survived a traffic accident in 2007, she was bedridden and recovering for nearly three years. During that time, her husband lavished her with jewelry, art and clothes from Neiman Marcus.

But according to Walker's attorney, Mark Ticer, they were trinkets and gifts she couldn't wear and never really wanted.

Walker later found out her husband was allegedly having an affair with her own trusted personal shopper at Neiman s at Northpark, named Favi Lo. Walker makes legal claims Lo was making a steep commission off the sale of $1.4-million worth of gifts she didn't want.

Before her accident, Walker was spending around $100,000 a year at Neiman's. After the alleged tryst with Lo began in 2007, the purchases made by Walker's husband spiked.

In 2009, still convalescing, the sales by Ms. Lo reach about $850,000, Ticer said. The product of these sales is sex for merchandise. Second of all, it's a breach of trust.

Now divorced, Walker is suing Neiman Marcus claiming fraud and deceptive trade practices, because despite Neiman's stated return policy, Ticer said Neiman's will not take back the merchandise, and won't say why. The gifts are normally kept locked in storage, much of it in like-new or mint condition.

We would not be here right now if they would have taken the merchandise back, Ticer said.

Ticer also said the personal shopper was never disciplined, and is still employed at Neiman Marcus. Neiman s declined our request for an interview.

In court papers, Neiman Marcus said it doesn't believe the store or Lo violated company policies, and denies allegations of misconduct.

But for now, Walker is left with a million-and-a-half dollars in furs and bling, including a $285 pair of pajamas.


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