HOUSTON The four children who were returned to their mother after their father took them in a police chase could soon be without both of their parents.

Noe Soto Aranda, 31, took the children in a police chase Wednesday. The children s uncle dropped them off at Ivonne Perez's house Friday night in southeast Houston.

The children had been last seen in Rosenberg, Texas. Their fatheris facing felonycharges of endangering a child, assaulting a family member and evading arrest. Aranda has not been located.

Perez, the pregnant mother who is scheduled to give birth to a girl on Wednesday, has a warrant out for her arrest and she could be extradited. The district attorney s office in Kleberg County, which is down in the Valley, is looking to extradite Perez because she is a fugitive.

In 2007, just like the children s father, she was charged with evading arrest and child endangerment. And she was convicted. She had a child in her car when she failed to stop for police. She received two years of probation, but allegedly didn t follow the rules.

Kleberg County officials said she is currently wanted for failure to notify a probation officer about a change of address, failure to take drug tests and failure to pay court fees and fines.

That appears to explain why she lied to police about her real name and why she absolutely wouldn t do an interview with KHOU 11 News unless we didn t show her face.

Child Protective Services said it hasn t received a report about her, or her children, so they are not investigating.

But if she does go to jail, and dad is caught and heads there too, the situation could change.

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