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HOUSTON Some basketball fanatics are having vasectomies so they won t miss a moment of March Madness.

Kailee Wong has a high-pressure job as a broker who deals natural gas options.

Wong was a linebacker for the Houston Texans before he retired from the NFL in 2006.

He still loves football, but he also loves March Madness.

There s a lot of games going on, lot of talent, lot of energy and a lot of excitement, and so you wanna be able to watch most of the games, he said.

But what was he to do when the games were on non-stop, during weekdays?

Well, the married father of four had already been thinking of having a vasectomy so he thought, why not have it done during the games?

It s doctor ordered to rest, watch TV and to not have kids jumping on you. You kidding me? As a dad with four, and a wife and two dogs, it s like the perfect getaway, Wong said.

Wong said his March Madness strategy impressed his buddies.

They laugh, and they also think I m a genius, he said.

It turns out, urologists all over the country are capitalizing on March Madness.

One ad for a clinic in Cape Cod, even offers free pizza. urges men to spend three days on the couch watching hoops with your wife s approval.

Some Houston doctors say the vasectomy business does go up during the tournament.

You sit back, put on a little ice pack, watch your favorite team, there s always wonderful upsets, great time of year, a distraction from your post-operative discomfort, said Dr. Stephen Lapin with Houston Metro Urology.

Lapin said when it comes to spikes in vasectomies during sporting events, there are two times of the year he sees this. One is during March Madness, the other is during the Masters Golf Tournament, which is just right down the road.

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