HOUSTON Mujeres Unidas held a news conference Saturday in support of the 11-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by more than a dozen men and teenagers in Cleveland, Texas.

The group claims local activist Quanell X blamed the girl and her family for what happened at a town hall meeting Thursday.

It was not the young girl that yelled rape. Stop right there, something s wrong brothers and sisters, said Quanell X.

He questioned the fact that the girl never went to police. One of the girl s friends at school saw cell phone video of the alleged rape and told a teacher.

This was an 11-year-old child and no matter what she did, did not do, how she dressed how she talked how she acted, does not matter, said community activist Linda Morales. This was a brutal and savage rape.

She and eight others with Mujeres Unidas, Women United, gathered in east Houston Saturday morning holding white carnations. They said the carnations were symbolic of the young girl s innocence taken.

Morales said Quanell X was wrong to blame the girl and her family for the alleged assault.

At that town hall meeting, it was asked where the parents of the young girl were. We can easily and stupidly say where were the parents of the accused? We caution those who are blaming the victim that it will only serve to hurt our communities, said Morales.

The Cleveland community is already hurt.
Seventeen people are already facing rape and assault charges for the alleged gang rape that occurred inside of an abandoned mobile home and police say more arrests may come.

After threats and phone calls, Child Protective Services put the girl in a foster home for her own safety.

The small group of men and women representing Mujeres Unidas wanted her to know they care.

There hasn t been any public support of this young girl and so we decided we wanted to come and show her she does have support, said Morales.

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