Who are you when nobody's looking?

That's what one beverage company, which prides itself on its honest ingredients is trying to find out in San Antonio.

Honest Tea is conducted social experiment on Commerce Street with an unmanned kiosk with a sign suggesting a dollar for an Honest Tea drink.

"Some people look for hidden cameras in the area," Said Matt Pluim, the regional marketing manager. "People ask -- just how is this done? Is this real? What are they looking at?"

The beverage company's employees are hidden around the area watching to see if people will choose to pay or steal with no consequences.

"People are not always honest. So, I'm sure that if nobody was here, people would probably just try to take the box or something or just try to take the product," Brenda Arredondo, a fan of the drink.

For the most part, Honest Tea says San Antonians are honest.

"Based on last year's results, between 90 to 95 percent of people are honest," Arredondo said. "Which is very nice to see people are paying."

This is the first time the experiment is happening in all 50 states.

"There's no controlled conditions out here. You can compare male to female, you can look at hair color to see what attributes make someone honest," Pluim said.

Hawaii and Alabama were the top two states in 2013, both at 100 percent honest in the social experiment.

For more information on the test, click here.

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