Bob McNair talks NFL possibility in San Antonio

HOUSTON – Houston Texans owner Bob McNair took time on Wednesday morning to address the possibility of an NFL team moving to San Antonio.

On Tuesday, the San Antonio Express News reported that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis met with city leaders while on a recent visit to the Alamo City.

"It's very early," McNair said. "They've been looking at other alternatives and they've been negotiating in Oakland and who is to say that they might not get something agreed upon there? But they do need a new facility."

The report indicated that Davis and two team officials met with San Antonio city leaders back on June 18th. The meeting included a tour of the Alamodome and the metro area.

McNair said that the league would have to explore the possibility of whether or not the city would be able to sustain an NFL franchise and that decision isn't made overnight.

"You would have to do some market research on that to see what level of support might be there," McNair said. "They've got a great owner in the Spurs, Peter Holt, and he's done a great job over there and the city has supported them. When you start getting more and more major league teams, you start having to spread that support out. You have to look at what level of support is there and if there is enough for two or three teams."

McNair is the chairman of the league's finance committee and said he would be directly involved if Oakland decided to move the team to Texas.

The bigger question in this whole discussion might be whether the state, not just the city of San Antonio can support a third NFL franchise.

What does the Texans owner think?

"Well, it's a question of where is the best place, so that's how I would look at it, so it depends on what the options are," McNair said. "I think I'd look at the facts. I wouldn't oppose it just because they are in San Antonio. I'm in favor of doing what strengthens the league and where it makes sense."

The topic of NFL franchises moving always reminds the city of when Bud Adams moved the Oilers to Nashville. It took Houston several years to get another franchise, but McNair indicated that they had everything fall into place.

"It's a difficult situation; we were blessed here in Houston. I think the city was ready for a team. They were to support a stadium. Thank goodness we built a stadium, for what $435 million," McNair said. "These other stadiums now are coming in at 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 billion, so we got the best bargain of anybody in the league. I don't think there is any doubt about it, and it's a great asset of the city."

Another worry would be that another team in the state would take fans away from the ones the two current teams already have. McNair added that the Texans have a growing fan base in central Texas, but the fact still remains that the majority of NFL fans in that region cheer for the Cowboys.

Either way, the Texans boss isn't worried.

"If there was a team there and we were there playing, I think half of the fans in the stands would be ours," McNair said. "It would be a difficult situation, I think, for San Antonio, but we'll wait and see how that plays out."


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