From Foxborough to Providence: It's all about the Patriots


by Jeff McShan / KHOU 11 news

Posted on January 11, 2013 at 7:52 PM

PROVIDENCE, RI - They are called the New England Patriots – not the Boston Pats. In fact they play in Foxboro between Boston and Providence, RI.

And KHOU 11 News found Friday, all along the interstate between the two cities in every town we stopped in – they love their New England Patriots – and they do not believe the Houston Texans have a chance.

Our first stop – Attleboro – just a few miles from where the Patriots play. Population here - 40,000.

And right near the tiny town square - we decided to set up shop for work

“Patriots or Texans? What do you want I’m from New England,” said Russell Gavey, a fan from Attleboro.

He picked the Pats and he’s not alone.

“Every one of us,” he added.

Gavey said watching the Patriots is about the only thing you can do in Attleboro.

“I’ve only been for 10 years and likes the boring-est town I’ve lived in my whole life,” he said.

But people like to talk here.

Minutes later, Jack Nguyen saw our table and stopped by wearing at Texas hat.

“I went out there and my brother-in-law bought this cap for me. So I put it on, but that doesn’t mean anything. Ha-ha, I am a Patriots fan, 100 percent,” Nguyen said.

But listen to this.

“My wife is a Houston fan. You know we’re the opposite. She lived down there for over 20 years,” Nguyen said.

We finished our day in Providence where they love their Patriots, too.

“One word - Patriots. Really?” said one fan from Providence.

We told him were from Houston.

“Shame on you. Patriots all the way,” he added. Our office was anything, but cozy - up and down the interstate.