Dynamo goalie Tally Hall becoming one of the best in MLS


by Daniel Gotera / KHOU 11 Sports


Posted on April 17, 2011 at 9:41 PM

HOUSTON -To be a high end goalie in MLS, skill is no doubt required. Houston Dynamo goalie Tally Hall has that and a whole lot more.

However, even with that great skill set, at times this season he’s used a little wizardry kind of like his favorite author J.K. Rowling does in her Harry Potter books.

"Everyone has kind of been diving in front of the shots and doing everything they can to prevent them from scoring," said Hall. "I’m doing my best and it’s a team effort but I think we’re doing a good job."

The players in front of him tend to agree.

"He’s the reason why we have some our early points, especially our away points," said defender Eddie Robinson.

Hall ranks third in the league with a 78% goals allowed average only letting 4 through in the first five games. In fact, he’s played so well, he’s starting to gain the type of confidence from his teammates that his predecessor received.

"Pat Onstad was always good at making the big save when he needed to and that’s what Tally has done," said Robinson. "We can try some riskier things, we can try to go forward a little more because we know we’re confident in what we have behind us and he gives us a chance to win games."

"I have confidence in them so it’s a back and forth thing you know," said Hall. "If there is confidence only going one way then it’s kind of useless."

Hall did have big shoes to fill, but he doesn’t look at it as following in someone’s footsteps. He wants to let his play determine how fans look at him from this point on.

"I wasn’t trying to fill his shoes," said Hall. "I was telling someone else that I think he wore a size 12 and I wore a 10 ½ so I can’t fill his shoes, but I can wear my own shoes out on the field."

"A change was going to happen sooner or later and was the timing going to be right was the question," said head coach Dominic Kinnear. "I think the timing was right and I think Tally was ready to play and by all accounts he’s having a good season for us."

Magic tricks and all.

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