Cy Creek, Worst to First


by Butch Alsandor /

Posted on August 19, 2009 at 5:03 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 6:21 PM

We know that anything is possible in sports, and this year the Cougars from Cy Creek are proving it.

"We beat our first opponent in district, Langham Creek, and they got more confidence and it feed on itself and was a great ride", said Coach Greg McCaig.

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November 14, 2008

The ride took the Cougars from "worst to first". One year ago, Creek was 0-and 7 in district, but this season they turned it around going 7-and 0, despite being picked to finish dead last in 15-5-A.

"I think the fact that people underestimated us and saying we would be last fueled the fire," said defensive end Evan Floyd, when asked about being considered underdogs.

"We have a genuine respect for each other and that makes a difference," said Cougars' center DeMarcus Baymon

But they also have talent and a lot of size. With line man weighing over 300 pounds, its no wonder the Cougars have found such success.

Baymon is evidence of this, when asked about his size, he told our cameras, "330 pounds at 6'2." When asked how tough he is on the noseguards, he responded, you must be tough, "yeah I give them a little fight."

"We're treated like gods, last year no one went to the games, no one had any school spirit, this year its the opposite," said Evan Floyd.

"I get a lot of popcorn offered to me in the registers office because you know, I'm big , they like to give me food," said a smiling DeMarcus Baymon.

And a major perk for the players was notoriety from their class mates, especially females.

"Ohhh yeah, there are plenty of them around now that we are winning"

At Cy Creek the saying is true, Everybody loves a winner.