College Football Winners and Losers: Week 5

This season just keeps getting better and better.

Let me put it another way…this season just keeps getting better and better for CERTAIN teams. Houston, Texas A&M, Texas Southern, Sam Houston State…every week brings something new and usually great! 

Rice and Texas? They would take just a little luck that is going in favor of their rivals.

Week 5 had a little bit of everything. In the national picture…we had 3, Top 10 matches two of which didn’t disappoint. Stanford apparently thought it was their off week. Those results are important to pay attention to because Houston’s own Coogs are right in the middle of it. 

My take: If the Houston Cougars go undefeated, they should get in the playoff. No question about it.

As for specifics involving our local teams, here we go. Winners and losers time….


UH Run Defense

Whoa, Daniel…this really getting detailed. Yes, I pay attention, and this facet of the Houston Cougar “Third Ward D” needs some love. It is the top-rated rush defense in the country. Last year, they gave up 156 yards to UConn. This week? Only 62 yards on the ground which marks the seventh-straight game dating back to last year that they’ve allowed fewer than 100 yards rushing.

Here’s a crazy stat: the Cougars have given up 210 rushing yards on the year. The team as a whole has SCORED 211 points. They’re the only team in major college football to accomplish that. I’ve mentioned freshman Ed Oliver before, but the whole front 7 is completely dominant. Steven Taylor? Beast. They are a perfect example of complimentary football, and it’s fun to watch them.

Jeremiah Briscoe, QB, Sam Houston State

There is no better offense at the FCS level than the team that calls Hunstville home.

The Bearkats are an explosive group if you blink, you’ll miss their greatness. They’re averaging 54 points and 638 yards per game. 638 YARDS PER GAME! They have scored more 84 points in the 1st quarter, which includes 28 this past week against rival Stephen F. Austin in the Blowout of the Piney Woods.

The leader of this group is Jeremiah Briscoe who, after playing in a 2-QB system last year, is finally showing what he can do. Sixteen touchdowns in four games, five of them in the FIRST QUARTER against the Jacks. He would have more, but SHSU is destroying everyone they play, so he tends to miss the last part of the game. Briscoe is on the list, but consider this an award for the entire unit. Man, are they fun to watch.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech University

I know, Red Raider fans: he should have been on the Top 3 a long time ago. And really Daniel, you put him on here a week where he gets hurt?!?!

Tap the breaks; he left with a right shoulder injury and is now listed as day-to-day. But if I had to guess, he’ll play against Kansas State. His numbers this season aren’t getting enough recognition, because he plays on a team that doesn’t have a defense. The “system quarterback argument” should also be thrown out. This kid is good. He is completing passes in 2016 at 73 PERCENT clip. That’s outrageous. He has a quarterback rating of 194 and has 18 touchdowns and only three interceptions. It’s too bad this kid doesn’t get the respect he deserves -- a great college football player.

HONORABLE MENTION: Eric Medina, kicker, Texas Southern (51-yard game winning FG), Texas A&M defense (No Myles Garrett, no problem – 3 sacks, 10 TFLs, 4 pass deflections, 5 QB hurries), Shock Linwood, RB, Baylor (25 carries, 257 yards, TD vs Iowa State), D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas (17 carries, 148 yards, 2 TD vs OSU)


Vance Bedford, defensive coordinator, Texas

This is the guy who took off his headphones while his head coach was giving him an earful about his horrid game plan.

I’m not really sure where to begin with the Texas Longhorns “defense." That game against Oklahoma State was embarrassing, and it wasn’t just because they nearly gave up 50 points again. The players weren’t ready to play, plain and simple. Bedford’s former group (he got demoted on Monday) gave up two touchdown drives in the first 8 minutes. The Cowboys' scoring drives didn’t take long at all, in fact, the longest touchdown drive was 3 minutes and 31 seconds!

This was just the latest in a string of poor performances by Bedford’s group. He had to go. I’m a big fan of Charlie Strong; I want it to work for him on the 40 acres. He’s in charge of the defense now. It’s the last gasp to try and save his job.

The Big 12 Conference

It isn’t going well for this group. We’re five games into the season, and unless something catastrophic happens at the top of the poll, none of these teams are getting into the College Football Playoff.

Baylor and West Virginia are the league’s only undefeated teams. Baylor almost lose at Iowa State, and no one really thinks the Mountaineers are going to do anything once they start facing good competition. Not to mention, no one in the Big 12 plays defense. Fun to watch, but not winning football. It seems like this league could use a boost, you know, from a school that fits perfectly that is in line for the college playoff. Is there a school that fits that profile? Oh, there is! Too bad some of the schools in this conference are scared to compete against them. MAKE IT HAPPEN BIG 12…ADD HOUSTON! I’m done.

Sad Fan Cams

I know people will say that I should just have fun with it, that this is part of the game, and that's why are people so sad; it’s just football. But as sports fans, we have all had our fair share of soul-crushing defeats.

The people in Houston know this all too well. But lately, there seems to be this obsession with showing immediate reactions of people after tough losses. That’s fine, but the problem in this day and age is that those camera shots get turned into memes and they go viral, and these people who never thought they’d be on camera are made fun of for showing a true emotion.

Is it too much? Maybe, but who am I to tell people how they feel. Maybe it’s the game is their release, they find happiness in it. Seeing a tough loss causes pain. I don’t like seeing it; I hate that’s becoming a thing.

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