New UH football stadium contruction on schedule for 2014 opener


by Shern-min Chow / KHOU 11 News

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 6:28 PM

HOUSTON – The University of Houston’s first football game its new stadium is 100 days from Wednesday, on Aug. 29 and officials say everything is on schedule.

They offered reporters and photographers a tour of the stadium Wednesday afternoon. The stadium is built on a nontraditional east-west orientation. The goal is to show off Houston’s skyline.

The new stadium broke ground February 2013; $120 million project has a strong marketing focal point.

“To remind everyone we are indeed the University of Houston. It’s the view we expect our network TV partners to go in and out break with, just showing the country was the city of Houston has to offer,” David Bassity, UH associate athletic director for Strategic Marketing and Communications, said.

Critics have worried that the afternoon sun will be brutal on fans and players facing west and winds out of the south will cause problems with passing plays.

Cougars Coach Tony Levine brushed off any concerns with a joke.

‘’The field is going to be straight. I have been assured of that, so we’ll play on it,” Levin said. “The wind won’t affect anything. You kick off sometimes as 11 a.m. sometimes at 8 p.m.”

So the university figures afternoon sun is less of a concern. UH sees the stadium as part of a perfect storm of growth for students.

Talking about the new developments, Levine listed, “New practice field, new dorms, new dining halls on campus again, knowing we’ve gone Tier 1 academically in the last few years.”

While construction is on track, naming rights are still under negotiation.

“No ballpark figure right now,” Bassity said.

Half of the 40,000 seats are below ground level, almost two stories below.

University officials want fans to know, there are still plenty of tickets available for the upcoming season.

For more and time lapse video of the stadium construction: