Ed Reed says Texans “outplayed, outcoached”


by Daniel Gotera / KHOU 11 Sports


Posted on November 10, 2013 at 11:32 PM

GLENDALE – Houston Texans safety Ed Reed didn’t start on Sunday against the Cardinals, but he did have some things to say after his team’s 27-24 loss in Glendale.

Reed was asked what he thought of the team’s overall performance.

“We played really well outside certain situations. In those situations we just got outplayed and outcoached,” said Reed.

He didn’t stop there, especially in reference to the Texans poor performance in the 3rd quarter.

“If you’re watching the game, there are no-brainers. We need to get off the field; we need those three and outs,” said Reed. “But also, as an offense you have to move the ball, you can’t go three and out, puts your defense back on the field that quick.”

“The drives that they had, I’m looking at it as if guys were a little fatigued. If you don’t control the ball as much offensively, defensively, you’re going to get fatigued. They are going to make plays, eventually they are going to figure out what you’re doing if you’re doing the same old things.”

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was asked about Reed’s opinion, but did not want to comment.
Reed didn’t record a tackle on Sunday and his playing time was limited. Rookie DJ Swearinger saw a lot of time, recording 3 tackles and 2 pass breakups.

The subject of his playing time was also brought up to Reed after the game.

“I’m doing what I’m told for the most part. I know a lot of football. I know a lot about football and I know a lot about this game, I’m not just watching it blind, man,” said Reed. “The stuff I do know, I can’t say to you guys because it is a team sport. I do look at it from a coach’s perspective as well.”

“There’s a lot of soul searching, top to bottom that needs to be done.”

Reed, who was brought in to be a difference maker on the Texans defense, has been criticized for not being the impact player that he was so many years in Baltimore.

He missed the preseason and first two regular season games because of a hip injury and he understands what people expect out of him.

“I’m not perfect and I know I am held to a higher standard because of what I’ve done in the past but that was the past and I am a totally different player now,” said Reed. “But, even when I did go out there, the ball didn’t come my way, but that’s neither here nor there.”

“I know football,” said Reed. “In certain situations, we just didn’t do well.”