Victim of kidnapping hoax shares audio recording

A nightmare for one Citrus Heights mother who was tricked into believing her daughter was kidnapped for ransom! Sept. 12, 2016

Citrus Heights woman, "Judy" said she was the victim of a kidnapping hoax that she felt was very real.

When she answered her phone last Friday, she wasn't surprised to hear from one of her daughters. What she was surprised -- and horrified -- to hear was someone who sounded like her daughter crying and pleading for help.

"She was saying 'They're going to hurt me. You need to listen to them,'" Judy said. "[The kidnapper] kept talking to me. He asked me 'Would you like me to send a couple of her fingers?'"

When the man on the phone started counting to 60 seconds, that's when Judy went into a panic. The man told her not to tell anyone and to get in the car to go wire the money.

"You're scaring me," Judy cried in the audio recording. "I can't walk. I'm shaking."

Judy said she tried to silently get help from her neighbor and close friend, but the man found out.

"Who the f*** are you with?" said the man, heard in the audio recording. "If you don't tell me who the f*** you're with now, I'm going to put a f****** bullet in her head."

Judy's friend recorded the conversation and convinced her to call 911. It took several hours to track down all of Judy's daughters and make sure they were OK, because she has four of them.

Citrus Heights police called it a "new play on an old scam" where scammers from out of the area try to frighten people to wire money on the spot.

Even though it turned out to be a hoax, Judy said she still has "the chills."

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