Weather Blog: My Family's 'Rita' Evacuation Part 2

The house my wife, young boys and dogs had evacuated too was really more of a working farm house in the Brenham area. Up on a hill with 100+ acres surrounding it. Well supplied with food, water, fuel and a generator. A perfect place to hide out from an approaching storm. Only problem was someone else knew of this perfect hide out as well. Late that night, one of the farm hands who worked the property realized it would be a good place to go live for a few days as well and approached the house in the dark. He had no permission to be there. Boy was he surprised to find the house was occupied.

Ramsey and Shadow heard him first and started barking like hell as he approached. When my wife opened the door the dogs went crazy and she had to hold them off. That was the moment the stranger backed off and went looking for somewhere else to go. He had no business being there in the first place. My wife sensed it and the dogs certainly knew he was up to no good and let me tell you had he tried to harm my wife and kids those dogs would have... done what was necessary to protect the pack.

I thank the good Lord every day for the dogs in my life. Shadow, Ramsey, thank you for your love and service. Both resting in peace in my backyard.

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