Weather Blog: Is A Cold Winter Coming for Houston? The Squirrels May Know Something...

HOUSTON - It could be that the squirrels know an awful lot more about weather forecasting than we give them credit for. Weather folklore says that if squirrels tails are bushier than normal, or they build their nests high in the tree, to expect a cold winter. I personally witnessed this one myself. In the early fall of 2004 I watched a squirrel take all afternoon to build the biggest, highest nest I've ever seen. Later that year it snowed, in Houston and Galveston, on Christmas Eve. 

So Today as I'm spreading fertilizer in the yard, I noticed this. Hundreds of pine cones eaten down to the core underneath all my pine trees. Now, it's also understood in weather folklore that when squirrels are burying more nuts than normal in Fall it's another sign of a cold winter coming, But all this gorging of pinecones and making a general mess of my yard is a new one on me. Could it be the creatures sense something coming that our computer models have not picked up on? Fat squirrels are yet another sign of a possibly cold winter. 



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