The Grinch steals Christmas from Hitchcock family

This is one Christmas story that Georgia Leyva didn t want to share with her kids.

They came in and they wanted to know where the presents was and we told them they were in the attic until Christmas Eve, said the mother of four.

But the truth is that those presents are gone. They were taken during a kick-in burglary at her home in the 4800 block of Crane Street in Hitchcock. She thinks it happened around 10 a.m.

Seriously, who would steal someone s Christmas present I mean seriously, said Leyva.

The stolen presents were for ten of her grandchildren and four of her kids, including her son with Down syndrome.

I didn t tell Josh because he is special needs. He thinks the presents are in the attic and the laptop is in the shop and he don t know, said the teary-eyed woman.

The burglars got in the through the front door and also stole the family s lap top, camera, iPad, shotgun and other things.

I almost started crying, said Georgia s 11-year-old daughter Elizabeth Leyva.

Her Mom broke the news to her late last night.

It s like a lot of money wasted pretty much, said the middle school student.

Galveston County Sheriff s Office deputies are investigating.

The family s big screen TV was found in the middle of their living room.

They dusted it for fingerprints, but so far no leads.

Meanwhile, the Leyva family is trying to figure out how to save Christmas and put the spirit back into the holiday.

One way they re doing it? They ve lit up the house, covering ever single inch with lights.

Georgia wrote on her Facebook page Tuesday night that they burglars are not going to get her down.


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