Triple digit temps in Central Texas can be dangerous



Posted on June 28, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 28 at 5:41 PM

AUSTIN --  The record-breaking high temperatures in Central Texas are creating big dangers for people working outside.

There's no doubt Texas summers can be dangerously hot.

"It's pretty hot," said Tasha Martin, sitting in the shade near Butler Park.

Martin and her kids find ways to stay cool but still enjoy the outdoors.

"I sit in the shade. My 2 little ones, my 4 year old Maverick, goes out and runs in the water," she said.

While the best advice might be to stay inside and avoid the heat, for some, that's not an option.

"It's tough, and it takes some getting used to," said DPR Construction Safety Manager Joe Garza.

Garza says business heats up in the summer. Crews could be outside up to 12 hours a day in triple digit temps.

"It's something that without thinking about it, it sneaks up on us, and it,s 105," Garza explained. "We have them take breaks every 3.5 hours. That's a mandated break. Between that, if they're thirsty, we tell them go take a break."

"Make sure you have plenty of fluids," recommended Dr. Sohail Aslam in St. David's ER in Round Rock. "Something with an electrolyte is good as well. Watch your body and understand the kind of warning signs. If you feel nauseated, headache, fatigue, weakness."

Dr. Aslam says they stay busy in the summer.

"Very often it's people out on the job on a construction site or people who tend to not take care of themselves and maybe stay out too long," he said.

Friday's temperature of 106 at Camp Mabry beat the previous record of 104, set back in 1923.