Partygoers brave misty weather to ring in Austin's New Year


by MARK WIGGINS / KVUE News and photojournalist MATT OLSEN

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 11:12 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 1 at 8:59 AM

AUSTIN -- They came from near and far to Austin's annual New Year's Eve celebration at Auditorium Shores.

"We're actually from Victoria, Texas," said Crystal Vallejo.

Jeff Brandes hailed from even further, "I'm actually from Indianapolis here visiting my brother."

Folks who braved the chilly mist to celebrate the new year said the drizzly weather didn't dampen their spirits.

"It's not too bad actually," said Vallejo. "As long as it doesn't get any harder than this, we'll be good to go."

Hoping for record attendance this year, the party's hosts offered up the works.

For the hungry, Austinites Bob and Deb Pyle were frying up home-made "fried pies."

"Very good!" said Deb. "It's a cheesecake wrapped up in pie crust dough, we're frying it up."

In the city known for music, three stages played host to nearly two dozen acts.

KVUE caught up earlier with Austin band Edison Chair, preparing for the big stage on a big night.

"It just sounds really cool to tell our friends and our fans we're playing at Auditorium Shores on New Year's Eve," said bassist Martin Aker. "So it's quite an honor."

And as for the weather?

"By the end of our shows I'm always dripping with sweat," said Aker. "So I don't even care if it's raining, it's pretty much the same thing."

Of course, what's a new year's party without the main attraction?

"We just heard there's fireworks at ten o'clock," said Brandes. "Hopefully the kids make it out that late."

"I'm really excited about the fireworks, it's going to be good I think," said Austinite Jeff Steddum.

For Steddum and his wife Tess, the night had an extra special meaning.

"We got engaged on New Year's," said Tess. "So we decided to come out and celebrate."

"It's a great fun, family friendly event," said Austin City Council member Kathie Tovo, enjoying the celebration with her own family. "It's little soggy, but it's warm and there's plenty of people out here and the show goes on!"

It's officially the final show of 2012, ending the year with plenty of celebration and high hopes for the new year to come.