San Antonio neighborhood on high alert after reports of stranger taking pictures of children


by Mayra Moreno / KENS 5

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 11:07 AM

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas -- A warning from one homeowners association spreads concern into other neighborhoods on the northwest side.

This month, three people reported seeing a man in a suspicious vehicle inside the gated community of Sonoma Ranch, taking photos of children. The association sent out an email this week warning its residents.

"One of the moms notified me," said Julie Anders who was picking up her children at Beard Elementary on Wednesday afternoon.
Anders was just learning of an incident at the neighborhood across the street called Sonoma Ranch .
"I heard it's the same vehicle spotted three times it's an elderly man in the vehicle," she said. 
The Sonoma Ranch Home Owners Association put out a warning to its residents. A small silver car was seen driving around the gated community on January 9th after a "balding man with grey hair" got out of his vehicle and took a picture of a resident's son. Two more similar incidents were then reported to the association on January 12th and 13th.
"We have a strong HOA," said Patricia Albers-Rendessy, Sonoma Ranch resident
Albers-Rendessy said the suspicious man was seen a block away from her house. She claims a neighbor's daughter was almost taken.
"They tried to seduce her and abduct her," she said.
The HOA's email to residents said ... a report has been filed with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. The email states: residents should call-in any suspicious activity. A spokesperson for Sonoma Ranch told KENS5 phone that the top priority of the HOA is to inform parents and surrounding neighborhoods as soon as possible.
"A lot of these kids walk home alone on their own because the schools are close to the houses and such so it's very concerning," Anders.
Beard Elementary and Garcia M.S. are nearby. KENS called NISD to see if they have had any reported incidents near the schools and the district spokesperson said they have not.