Rain threatens homes, closes roads in Bastrop County


by JIM BERGAMO / KVUE News and Photojournalist John Fisher and Doug Naugle


Posted on July 11, 2012 at 12:17 AM

BASTROP COUNTY, Texas -- A Tuesday morning storm dropped several inches of rain on Travis and Bastrop Counties.

Flash flood waters claimed portions of FM 969 in Bastrop County for hours.

"This is the most rain I have seen out here," said Roger Walter, who has lived in Bastrop County for eight years.

"It has been raining hard since 5 o'clock, and it hasn't let up," said resident Shirley Young.

Meteorologists say that's no exaggeration. KVUE's storm team reports that the area from Webberville to Bastrop saw eight to 10 inches of rain in about five hours. It left residents understandably nervous and injured pets seeking shelter on higher and dryer ground.

"That is a very fast running creek that you wouldn't want to go over," said Young.

The quickly rising water had rescue crews on high alert.

"There was probably at least a dozen homes that were threatened," said Asst. Chief Ron Stradling with the Bastrop County Fire Department. "We were able to just shelter them in place -- shelter them in their homes."

Rescue crews say no one had to be evacuated from their homes and no homes were lost due flooding. However several homes had water reach the foundations, and in some cases even the doorway.

"We have been praying for rain because we had hardly been getting anything," said Walter. "The tank was getting low and we were praying for rain. Now we are praying that it stops."

Residents and rescue crews say the area was already saturated after two inches of rain on Monday.  Add another eight to 10 inches Tuesday morning and they say they knew flash flooding would be inevitable.