Police still looking for San Marcos assault suspects




Posted on April 2, 2014 at 9:13 AM

SAN MARCOS, Texas -- Nearly six months since a brutal sexual assault shook the city of San Marcos, police are asking the public's help to find the suspects accused of the crime.

On Nov. 6, 2013 a woman and her 4-year-old son were driving near downtown San Marcos when a pick-up truck carrying three men hit her from behind.

Police say when she got out to check the damage, the men forced her into the backseat of her car with her child and took off. The woman was allegedly beaten, sexually assaulted, strangled and left unconscious inside her car, which had been driven to an unknown location likely inside Hays County, according to police. Her son was uninjured and the woman survived.

A case that once commanded the entire department's attention has not turned out any new, credible leads in about a month, according to San Marcos Police Commander Penny Dunn.

"The woman continues to recover from her injuries. They're very severe injuries, that have an affect on some of her memory," said Dunn.

Despite not being able to recall where the assaults happened, Dunn said, the victim was able to provide police with some of their best evidence detailed suspect descriptions.

"The victim had a great memory about the suspects," said Dunn. "The subjects may still be in the community or nearby, and we want to refresh everyone's memory."

Dunn said detectives lay fresh eyes on the case everyday, and they're asking the public to do the same by reviewing composite sketches.

SMPD is looking for the following suspects:

Suspect #1: "Dago": A Hispanic man in his 40s with a thick build. He is believed to be about six feet tall. He has a shaved head and a small square patch of beard on his chin. He has tattoos of crosses on both forearms. The man was called "Dago" by the other two suspects, police say.

Suspect #2: "Chico": A Hispanic man around 18-20 years old. He is about 5'5" with a thin build, closely cut hair and dark skin. He has a tattoo of an unknown word or name on his neck. He was called "Chico" by the other two suspects.

Suspect #3: A Hispanic man in his 30s with a medium build. He is about 5'5" to 5'7". His hair is closely shaved on the sides with longer hair on top (Mohawk-like). He may have an injury to his nose or a bruised eye.

The men were traveling in an older model maroon GMC truck with peeling faded paint and a missing front license plate.

DNA and fingerprints are still being processed in connection with the case. "The frustrating part is it's science, and it takes time," said Dunn.

Dunn said it's not clear whether they recovered  enough suspect DNA to enter into CODIS, a nation-wide DNA database.

Until then, they're relying on the composite sketches to turn up more leads.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call San Marcos Police Criminal Investigations Unit at (512) 753-2300 or Hays County Crimestoppers at (512) 353-TIPS.