Police: 2 Weimar HS students arrested for crime spree


by Alice Barr / KHOU 11 News


Posted on May 19, 2014 at 6:27 PM

WEIMAR, Texas -- The high school, two nearby convenience stores, and the local Boys and Girls Club, they’re all gathering places in the small town of Weimar, and all targets of a two-night burglary spree late last week. Police say the suspects are two Weimar High School students.

“I was kinda like somebody did that from our own school? I was really shocked about it,” said Weimar High School Student Victoria Myers.

What’s been reported stolen is mostly pretty small. At the high school, they’re accused of climbing in an open window overnight and taking $50 from an empty classroom. But in one case the accusations are much more serious.

“Early Friday morning, we got a report from Parkview Manor that someone had gone in there with a gun and requested money,” said Weimar Police Chief Bill Livingston.

Parkview Manor is a local nursing home. Chief Livingston says staff there didn’t have a key to the safe, so they couldn’t give up any money, and the robber left empty-handed.

17-year-old Juwan Almeida is charged with aggravated robbery in that case. He’s also charged with burglary.

His classmate 17-year-old Clemente Mantica is charged with burglary as well in several of the cases, including at the Boys and Girls Club.

“I think it’s very sad that someone would target a Boys and Girls Club because of the youth that we serve,” said Amy Brandt, Board President of the Weimar Boys and Girls Club. “It’s awful that someone would want to take away from our youth.”

From the damage, it appears that someone climbed up the fire escape and kicked in a back door, making off with a laptop. Downstairs, a note on the board reminds everyone to ‘Be on your best behavior,’ and the staff say most kids are.

“I don’t think you can take what a couple of kids may have done in this community and reflect it on the entire community,” said Brandt.

In fact, we saw a police escort through town Monday, for 16 high school students heading to state finals for an academic competition. Neighbors tell us that’s a more common reason to hear sirens around their students.

Still, Weimar resident Larry Benton said, “In this day and age I’m not surprised, no matter where you live.”

Police say the student suspects have one more lesson to learn.

“They’ll be prosecuted and I think that sends a message to any other wannabes or any people that are thinking about doing something dumb like that,” said Chief Livingston.

Juwan Almeida posted $25,000 bond. Clemente Mantica is still being held in the Colorado County Jail on $60,000 bond.