Flood cleanup continues in Onion Creek this weekend




Posted on November 3, 2013 at 4:04 PM

AUSTIN, Texas --  More than 200 residents of Onion Creek forced out by the floods have a busy weekend ahead.

Many people had to go to work until the end of the week, and the weekend was the first chance they had to make progress on their homes.

Cars lined the Onion Creek neighborhood as many tried to re-enter the area for the first time. Police were checking identification at the entrance, making sure they were only allowing in residents or those with "reasonable proof" that they were there to help or work.

Officers said they were trying to avoid any looting in the damaged neighborhood.

Onion Creek residents spent their day assessing damage, cleaning what they can and trying to salvage what's left inside their homes.

Many said they have been overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to help during a difficult time.

"Actually, our neighbors came with food and water for us," said resident Brian Nixon. "They helped us with some dry wall. Everybody is helping out everybody, pretty much. It's a really good neighborhood."

Brian Nixon and Danny Santos became well known following the floods, when a photo taken by KVUE's content partners at the Austin American-Statesman went viral. It made USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo.

Santos and Nixon, who are roommates, said when the floods hit, they grabbed all of their animals and jumped out the window.

"Put the dogs on the leash, I threw the cats in the bag and jumped out the window and walked up the street," Nixon explained.

Santos and Nixon say those pictures helped spread the word to friends and people they don't know.

"We knew we had a good amount of friends but everyone that's come out and helped, even if they can't help, they've come by and given us stuff, clothes, whatever they could find to give us," Nixon said.

"There's been total strangers donating like hundreds of dollar," Santos said.

It might not have been the housewarming party they had hoped for, but they made the best of it nonetheless.