Ice and freezing temps grip San Antonio


by staff

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 8:33 AM

Updated Friday, Jan 24 at 6:48 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- Most precipitation has ended across San Antonio and the metro area. However, outlying areas are still below freezing and, with no sunshine in the forecast, thawing of ice on roads will not happen automatically, KENS 5 Meteorologist Paul Mireles said.

Bridges will continue to remain frozen through the afternoon and icy roads should clear out by Friday evening. However, the longer it takes for temperatures to get above freezing, the shorter amount of time will be available for roadways to get rid of water before night falls.

"Any moisture that's left over after midnight will re-freeze," Mireles said. "There won't be much, but any ice accumulation could become real hazardous."

Overnight, the temperature in San Antonio will drop into the upper 20s.

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Weather conditions are expected to return to seasonal norms on Saturday, with highs in the mid-60s.

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The Texas Department of Public Safety offered the following tips for staying safe during this weather event:

Avoid unnecessary travel if possible, monitor local weather broadcasts, and follow up-to-the-minute weather conditions. 

Remember that ice forms first on bridges, overpasses and shady areas. 

On icy roads, drive slowly, increase distance needed for stopping, and avoid using cruise control.

Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained before any trip – check fluid and antifreeze levels.

Buckle up everyone in the vehicle – it’s the law.

 For more information on road conditions statewide, check or call 800-452-9292. 

 In addition, here is a list of emergency supplies drivers can keep in their vehicle:

Blankets/sleeping bags and extra clothing, mittens and hat

Cell phone, radio, flashlight, extra batteries

First-aid kit and pocket knife

High-calorie, nonperishable food, bottled water

Sack of sand or cat litter for de-icing roadway

Windshield scraper, tool kit, booster cables, tow rope and shovel

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