Dallas officer disciplined over behavior with female colleague

Dallas Police Department

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Dallas officer disciplined over behavior with female colleague




Posted on May 15, 2014 at 8:27 AM

DALLAS — A Dallas police officer’s unprofessional and profane behavior included telling a female officer that she wanted to be a man; needed “to stay in a woman’s place”; and treating her in a physically overbearing manner, internal affairs records obtained by News 8 show.

Officer Greg Johnson, who has a long disciplinary history, was recently given a 15-day suspension. He can appeal.

In the audio recording of Johnson’s disciplinary hearing, he blamed the female officer for precipitating the initial confrontation, and said she treated him in a disrespectful manner. He denied using profanity.

“I don’t practice using profane language,” Johnson told police commanders. “It’s against my Christian lifestyle.”

According to internal affairs records, Johnson and Senior Cpl. Tracey Clemons were sent to the adult probation office on South Cockrell Hill Road to pick up a prisoner in November 2013. The dispute began in the parking lot after it took Johnson an excessive amount of time to arrive for the call.

The disagreement continued after the two officer entered the building.

Probation department employees said Johnson was acting unprofessional, using profanity and repeatedly told Clemons that she needed to stop acting like a man.

Clemons was “trying to avoid any arguing while being in the office, but the black male officer did not want to drop the arguing,” one probation department employee wrote.

It didn’t stop there.

Clemons said that as she handcuffed and searched the prisoner, Johnson told the prisoner, “Man, you don’t not have to listen to her.”

The female officer said Johnson leaned down and pushed his body weight on her as he she continued to search. The probationer backed up Clemons’ account, records show.

A probation department supervisor said Clemons asked Johnson to step back.

“He then told her that she wants to be a [expletive] man and she needs to stay in a woman’s place,” the supervisor wrote. “He just kept saying she wants to be a [expletive] man.”

She described Clemons as begging Johnson to be quiet, and telling Johnson that “as the senior officer, I am asking you to step back and calm down because we have an arrestee here.”

“He kept being ... very unprofessional in front of the client being arrested,” the superviror wrote. “He kept saying ugly things and cursing in the front lobby in front of clients (probationers) and in front of the probationer that was being detained. I personally think it was an embarrassment to your police department.”

Johnson blamed Clemons, saying she was loud and making a scene with the prisoner. He said he told her that she didn’t need to “act like a man, just be a woman.”

He said she elbowed him.

“I said, 'That’s an assault, and if you ever did that to me again, I would request a control number against you,'” Johnson said, according to the recording of his disciplinary hearing.

Clemons and the probationer told internal investigators that Johnson continued to rant as she escorted the probationer to her squad car.

She said that when she put the probationer in the car, Johnson blocked her path to prevent her from moving, and she had to maneuver around him.

Clemons said Johnson told her, “So I suppose you want me to go to jail with you.”

Clemons told him "no." She said he threw the paperwork in her face and walked away.

The probationer said that as Clemons drove away, she was upset and pulled over to call a supervisor.

“I felt bad for the female officer because that was so unprofessional,” the probationer wrote in a statement to internal investigators.

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