Threats, attacks, arrests: Families' ongoing feud concerns neighbors


by Mayra Moreno / KENS 5

Posted on October 10, 2012 at 8:29 AM

SAN ANTONIO -- Disturbing and threatening is how a south-side family characterizes the terror it claims it's battling in a modern-day war between neighbors.

Things have gotten so bad, one family reported an assault over the weekend.

It started with an argument in 2009 and has since escalated. The Hernandez family said it's time to put an end to it before something bad happens.

A video recording is what the Hernandez family said documents what it has been dealing with for the past few months.

Family members said threats have been made by their next-door neighbors. This past weekend, the family said the rage escalated.

"He didn't break the skin on this one," said Mary Hernandez pointing to bite marks on her husband's body.

Hernandez said the neighbor assaulted her husband. He's healing from bite marks and bruises.

"It makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home," Hernandez said.

The family began recording the threats with a surveillance camera.

"We have criminal mischief reports. We have disturbance reports," said Hernandez, holding a binder filled with documents.

They keep a binder with police reports filed by both families. Now other neighbors are worried.

"A lot of these neighbors are even afraid to be outside because of them. They're scared," said a neighbor.

The Hernandez family said they hope to find a peaceful solution before anyone gets hurt.

"It's enough. It has taken a toll on me... on my health," Hernandez said.

Other neighbors didn't want to comment on camera.

The San Antonio Police Department provided the following statement:

"It seems everything that could be done thus far has been done. The area SAFFE Officer has closely monitored the situation. He has enlisted the help of other officers within his unit and Patrol. He has also networked with his area Council Member and several outside agencies. (Pct 5 Constable, Code Compliance). The officer has urged both parties to seek out dispute resolution, but cannot force them to do so."

"My understanding is that arrests have been made in the case when appropriate, and evidence has been collected. There are active cases involving the parties which I cannot comment on. Rest assured the South SAFFE Unit is fully aware of the situation and will continue to monitor and respond as needed."