UltraShape ultrasound rids body fat with no down time

AUSTIN -- It burned! That's the best way to describe older forms of ultrasound technology to remove fat cells. UltraShape has changed that. It's been used worldwide for several years and recently received FDA approval. Now it's available in Austin, and one woman you may know is already a believer.

You can hear Amy Edwards every day, but the Fringe FM isn't her only musical outlet.

Edwards is a singer and musician here in Austin. It seems she's leading the kind of life many only dream of, but the soon to be 42-year-old says there's a fly in the ointment. Make that a flaw in the waistline.

"The other day – this is not a joke -- I was wearing some high waist pants," said Edwards. "I sneezed and the button popped off -- popped off! I couldn't believe it."

Edwards wants to lose a few inches around her waist to make her feel better about herself.

"I've had two kids," she said. "I'm in my 40's, and things don't come off as easily as they used to."

That's why she's thrilled to learn about UltraShape – a non-invasive, pain free, first of its kind device.

"It uses high powered ultrasound basically in the same way you use ultrasound to break kidney stones," said Gregory A. Nikolaidis, M.D., a dermatologist with Westlake Dermatology.

UltraShape targets fat cells while keeping the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, nerves and muscles intact.

"We have had ultrasound technology available, but it's been very painful up to now," said Nikolaidis. "This is a huge leap forward to have something that's painless, very effective and very quick in terms of efficacy."

One treatment lasts about an hour."It sounds very appealing doesn't it," said Edwards. "I'm willing to give it a shot."

"You shouldn't really feel anything other than a little, warm sensation like a heating pad," said Kayley Evans, a therapist at Westlake Dermatology.

After three treatments, doctors say a patient can lose one to three inches off the waistline with no down time.

"If you get results from this then why not," said Edwards, after she finished her first treatment. "You don't have any pain. You don't have any downtime. You can go right back to work. I'm going right back to work after this."

And back to the Fringe FM she went, for another round of the Flashback Lunch.

Each UltraShape treatment costs one-thousand dollars. Doctors say the effects can be seen in weeks, not months.

Click here for more information about UltraShape at Westlake Dermatology.

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