Houston family whips up new twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge

On the outside Bennett Nester is a typical four year old, on the inside he is anything but, "He wakes up everyday that we go to chemo and he thinks that every child they wake and go to the hospital," said Bennett's Dad Randy.

Once a week for nearly half of Bennett's young life doctors have been using chemotherapy to treat the brain tumor growing on the inside.

"It didn't turn out as well as we thought it would," Randy said.

That is why Thursday morning Bennett will have risky brain surgery to try and stop the cancer. While fighting the tumor, the Nester's founded a charity they call Bennett's Bears.

It's grown exponentially, taking in over a thousand build a bear's last year alone and giving them to sick kids in area children's hospitals over the Christmas holiday.

Now they have come up with something else that is following in some very hot, but very cold footsteps.

The concept is the same as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but something too close to home, "Everyday in US 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer," said Brande Nester.

Brande Nester's support group, called Momcology's members are all doing it today "Whipped Cream Pies in the faces!"

Everything has to start somewhere and the Nester's video sounds like this, "Tell them why we are doing this! We are gonna Whip Childhood Cancer!"

Bennett who has endured so much, doing the honors this time, putting the whipping on his Dad and Mom!

The video is now posted online and they are hoping for the best.

Ideally each pie in the face will bring a $46.00 donation to a Children's cancer charity.

Each one also comes with a challenge, "Rice University Tennis Team…HURT…Houston United Rugby team, and KHOU's own Jeremy Desel," said the Nester's video.

Excuse me?

"Let's do that again!" said little Bennett after hitting his parents in the face!

How can you not be inspired, by the innovation, and the fight.

"If we show him that we are upset it is just going to make things worse for him. I want him to think that everything is perfect," said his mother.

What is better than something sweet, just like Bennett.

Video: KHOU's Jeremy Desel accepts Bennett's challenge


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