September means I start dreaming of fall

I'm not the only one who felt it, right?

Tuesday morning, a north breeze, clouds blocking the sun just enough to breathe a hint of, dare I say it, fall in the air.

Higgins, my dog, felt it, too. His four little legs insisting on going three miles instead of our usual one. The maple trees in the backyard are always the first to drop leaves in the pool, even in August and early September while it's still blazing hot. They tease me. 

I can't wait for the cooler days to come, although they usually don't get here for good until about Halloween.

What color change we do get in the leaves is often a subtle disappointment. When the sun angle starts to lower as fall approaches, the trees take note and stop making food. That means they stop making chlorophyll, the stuff that makes leaves green. When that goes, the reds, oranges and yellows hiding underneath are revealed.


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