Precinct 7 investigated for issues with stored evidence

County auditors have said evidence was missing in the Precinct 7 property room.

HOUSTON - Behind a door at the Harris County Precinct 7 Constable’s Office lies the latest evidence and property room to fall under suspicion after county auditors determined some items were missing.

KHOU 11 News learned an independent auditor went into Precinct 7’s evidence room and took a sample. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office says evidence was missing.

"Today we learned that there may be issues concerning evidence located at the Harris County Constable Precinct 7 evidence and property room,” said DA Devon Anderson in a note to prosecutors.

Constable May Walker told KHOU 11 News no items were ever missing but just hard to find, in a room that was badly in need of reorganizing after the retirement in June of the deputy who had worked there for years. 

The auditors came two weeks later. 

“So we asked the auditors, 'Will you give us the time to organize our property room?' And they said yes.” she said.

But Walker claims the auditors never returned.

On Thursday, the District Attorney sent out a memo to prosecutors and defense attorneys, warning them to double check their cases if they involved evidence stored at Precinct 7.

A district attorney spokesman says the notices went out hours after auditors informed them of their findings. 

Precinct 4 recently came under fire after destroying thousands of pieces of stored evidence. Anderson’s office was forced to dismiss at least hundred cases because of the missing evidence.

Walker insists her property room is in tip top order, with three deputies now assigned to keeping it that way. 

“I am assuring the prosecutors, the district attorney and the community, we have no missing property in our property room.” she said.

The DA's office said two other constable's offices are also being audited. 

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