Pro-immigration protesters take to Houston bridges

HOUSTON - It was a peaceful protest Thursday morning on two Houston bridges from one group called The Women and Children's Welcoming Committee. Overlooking the morning commute were three words: refugees, children and immigrants. A topic on the minds of a lot of people: the thousands of Central American women and children flooding the U.S., Mexico border.

"I know it's difficult and challenging but I believe that people fleeing violence deserve to have refuge," said Katharine Jager, a peaceful protester.

Another member of the group believes that people are acting on stereotypes and false beliefs.

"Messages about illegal immigrants being really damaging to this country and that's not my experience," said Rob Block, a protester.

While Governor Perry is sending National Guard troops to the border and others are asking congress to repeal laws that would quicken deportation, this group said they are asking for people to look at the issues with compassion.

"You just have to look at the names of street signs in Houston to see how different waves of immigrants have shaped this powerful state. This powerful economy. We want Texas to make immigration work," said Tony Diaz, the group's leader.

As we've seen across the nation, with all the support, comes just as much outrage.

"Why don't you take care of the problem you have here before you open the door to another one?" said Mary Guerra,"They go to school, they become citizens before we do. We get pushed out of our education, we get pushed out of our benefits."

While no side of the immigration emergency has a proven solution, this group here in Houston is asking for you to draw on your own personal family history.

"My grandmother came here as a child. Her mother came here as a single parent, immigrated through Ellis island and if nobody had welcomed her and helped her get a foot hold in the United States, I wouldn't be here," said Jager.


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