Voter registrations reflect interest in presidential race

Last day to register to vote

DALLAS -- A raucous and record-setting race for president is motivating more people to registered to vote.

ABC News reports nearly 14.9 million Texans are already registered to cast their ballot in the Nov. 8 election with one full day left before the deadline.

According to the Dallas County Elections Administrator, 13,000 new voter applications were filed in Dallas County last week alone. That one-week total is nearly 1/3 of all the registrations the county received in October of 2012 prior to the last presidential election.

Since April, applications are up 9 percent, equally about 90,000 people registering to vote.

The Dallas County Election Office will stay open until 8 p.m. on Tuesday to help file applications. As long as mailed forms are postmarked Tuesday, you should be fine.


2016 Republican Primary – 2,836,488

2016 Democratic Primary – 1,435,895


2012 Republican Primary – 1,449,477

2012 Democratic Primary – 590,164

General Election – 7,993,851


2008 Republican Primary – 1,362,322

2008 Democratic Primary - 2,874,986

General Election – 8,077,795


2000 Republican Primary – 1,126,757

2000 Democratic Primary – 786,890

General Election – 6,407,637


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