Clinton supporter targeted by crooks in neighborhood

A Katy many says he was targeted because he supports Hillary Clinton.

KATY, Texas- It's been a vicious race to the White House, but Katy resident Tom Scanlon's already made his pick.

"I placed the sign right there in front of the bushes," said Scanlon.

On Election Day 2016, he's with her, voting Clinton. He wanted his neighbors to know too. But less than 24 hours later, someone had swiped his Hillary sign.

"I came out and it was gone," said Scanlon. "Someone brazenly picked it up and in a deplorable act said I'm going to edit your right to free speech."

Scanlon was livid, but says this time the sign swiper picked on the wrong guy.

"They did, this time they really did," said Scanlon.

Scanlon fears the culprit lives in his neighborhood.

As a result, he printed out a warning poster aimed at the thief. He reported the theft to police.

He's already put up another one in his backyard, where he hopes it will be safe. But he's not stopping there.

"I was going to do just one or two little signs, now I'm ordering 50," said Scanlon.

This story has a twist that in this highly charged election just maybe can give us a little hope.

"That's stupid, that's not right," said Shirley Thomas.

In the middle of the interview with Tom, a woman pulled on the side of the road to have a chat.

"That's not okay what happened, just cause it's not your candidate, you can't think well I'm going to take your sign," Thomas said.

Thomas lives a few houses down from Scanlon right where the Trump-Pence sign sits out front.

"I'm not a Democrat, and not a Hillary supporter," said Thomas. "Not at all."

Scanlon and Thomas are choosing different teams this November, but teaming up against the person who tried to silence another American by swiping his sign.

"Your juvenile actions embarrassed yourself and they embarrassed the neighborhood," said Scanlon.

Scanlon say she plans to install new surveillance cameras in case the sign thief decides to come back.


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