Heights residents frustrated by burglaries


by Malini Basu / KHOU 11 News


Posted on May 29, 2013 at 10:25 AM

HOUSTON – Some residents say they are getting frustrated with burglaries increasing in the Heights.

A 73-year-old man said his car has been broken into three times in just a matter of months. Most recently, just over a week. All of the break-ins have been right in front of his 10th Street home.

“It makes me sick at first,” said L.D. Vanover. “We were wondering how he got in the car without setting the alarm off. The guy goes in this window, gets the stuff and comes back out this window and never opens the doors.”

The surveillance cameras show the man using a pry bar to bust out the window. He crawls in, then about 30 seconds later, crawls right back out with a GPS in hand.

“He’s done it several times before,” said the victim.

Vanover thinks it may be the same suspect committing all of the crimes.

“Pretty rough, it takes some getting used to, when you’re working, you’re making more money, and you can replace things than on a fixed income,” said Vanover.

His neighbor, Shayne Stinson, was also a victim.

“Between bikes being stolen and tools out of garages, lawn mowers,” said Stinson.

In the meantime, neighbors are looking out for one another until the thief gets caught.

“If I would’ve seen him, I would’ve shot him. That’s the way it goes. They’re gambling. He’s winning so far, he ain’t going to live, but one time,” said Vanover.

On Memorial Day KHOU 11 News told you about thieves breaking into the popular Heights Revival Market. The owner said he’s frustrated by six break-ins in the two years it’s been open. Investigators are trying to figure out if the cases are connected.