Father of slain 44-year-old remembers daughter; manhunt for murder suspect still underway


by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News


Posted on December 5, 2013 at 12:03 PM

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- The father of a woman murdered last month is breaking his silence while authorities continue the manhunt for her suspected killer.

Paul Marshall told KHOU 11 News that the last time he ever heard from his daughter was in a phone call.

"Well my conversation with I love you and she said I love you too," recalled Marshall. "I take some solace in that but it certainly doesn't fill the void in my life because of her loss."

The Marshalls had met Colt Morgan but he never seem interested in getting to know her family.

"He was the most aloof," explained Marshall. "This one just didn't seem interested in establishing those kind of ties and I shared that concern with Wende."

But that didn't stop Wende Marshall from getting engaged to Morgan and also mentioning that in the final phone call.

"I said Wende this is a surprise to all of us," he explained. "We don't know Colt very well. I suggest we get together so we get to know him a little better I'm sure if you love him we'll end up loving him too."

The newly engaged couple was supposed to go for dinner at her parent's house a couple of night later but they never showed up. Eventually, her family got into the house and instantly knew something was wrong.

"Her purse was on the dining room table, her cell phone was by her bed stand, her car was in the garage and there were strange painting dabs outside of the bedroom and bathroom," he said.

Authorities believe Wende Marshall's fiancé stabbed her to death, tried to burn the remains in the fireplace and buried what was left in the backyard.

Marshall believed it was an argument that led to a crime of passion.

"After he killed her, he went on the dark side for all I know," said Marshall. "I can't explain what happened after that. I try to keep it out of my mind."

Morgan went on the run after being questioned by authorities. There's now a massive manhunt in and around Leon County for him. He was briefly detained by an officer but managed to get away after a scuffle.

Marshall said his family would get some closure when Morgan is finally caught but mending his heart is a tougher matter.

"It just doesn't feel right not having her in my home," said Marshall. "It's just not right that I don't have her in my home. It's just not the way it should be."