Community comes together to build playground for Trinity Gardens


by staff

Posted on April 21, 2013 at 5:28 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 25 at 11:32 AM

HOUSTON - For years the children in the Trinity Gardens housing community have been wanting a playground and they are finally getting one.

“We have a rock-climbing wall, swings and a slide. That’s what everybody really wanted was a slide,” Quincy Mixon said. Mixon not only lives in neighborhood, he helped design some of the equipment.

A big turnaround for the teenager who, until now, never dreamed all this was possible.

“I usually don’t go to the park. There was never really one close by or a safe park around here,” Mixon said.

Now, the children can walk here and will soon be able to climb walls at the park instead of bouncing off the walls at home.

“I think it’ll bring the kids and the families in the neighborhood closer together. It’ll give the kids a chance to exert some of the energy they have. And make it a better neighborhood in all,” Mixon said.

The Foresters Life Insurance Company paid for it all with the goal of helping keep children healthy and active.

“It’s gonna cost about $60,000, but more importantly it’s going to give kids a safe place to play for many years to come,” Bruce Burak, with Foresters Life Insurance, said.

That is the reason 200 volunteers worked to make this dream come true for children who can’t wait to be playing here.

A group called Kaboom helped build the playground, which was all done in just eight hours.