Water main break floods neighborhood with mudslide


by KHOU.com staff


Posted on November 13, 2012 at 8:14 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 13 at 8:14 PM

DALY CITY, Calif. – Residents are dealing with a real mess after a water main break flooded a neighborhood with about 45,000 gallons of water causing a mudslide on Tuesday.

Residents are using shovels to clear the streets of mud and debris in this northern California town.

Some people are struggling to get out of their homes and digging out their cars that are fender deep in mud.

"That was my first car, it's a family car now, but I just want to cry,” one resident said. “I can't even get out, I don't even know how they're going to clean it, it breaks my heart."

The water started gushing early Tuesday morning forcing about 40 people to evacuate to a local senior center. The pipe broke about a mile uphill. As the water pour down, so did the dirt and debris.

"Part of what we're doing right now is determining the safety of hillside at this point so there's obviously no immediate threat at this point, but we wanted to evacuate people where the flow occurred just to keep them out of the area so we can clean up and so on," Matt Lucett, Daly City Fire Department, said.

Officials said that the pipe is more than 80 years old and age is likely to blame for the break.

“It's going to disrupt everything now for awhile, and we don't even know when we'll be able to get back to check up on our stuff or anything like that," Jeffrey Wong, a resident, said.

The head of the city’s water resources department said four massive vacuum trucks are working fast to suck most of the mud and water out of the neighborhood.