Arrest in cold-case murder shocks victim's only child



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:21 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 26 at 12:48 PM

AUSTIN, Texas -- A 23-year-old Austin murder case goes from cold to fiery hot. Police say they've found who killed Natalie Antonetti. We spoke to her only child about the shocking arrest.

Johnny Goudie flips through some of his favorite photos of his mom and then pulls out a close up of the two of them side-by-side, "You know we were very close, very good buddies."

Natalie Antonetti was a beautiful woman. She lived life to the fullest and never left her son out of the fun.

"I would get a note in second period that would say you have a doctor's appointment. I would be like that's weird. I would go and wait out front and my mom would pull up and say, 'Hey, we're going to the beach!'"

Antonetti was also an artist. She loved to paint and listen to music. Goudie inherited some of her talent. He is in two local bands: Johnny Goudie and The Little Champions and Sky Rocket.

On October 13, 1985 police say she was beaten over the head and left to die in her South Austin apartment. Then 16 year old Goudie, was sleeping nearby.

"There was a lady that was living with us, slash, staying with us. I can't remember the exact arrangement but she was the one that found her and she woke me up, then I saw."

Antonetti died 18 days later. Two decades passed without an arrest.

"It's difficult to know that somebody did it and you just have no idea," Goudie said.

In 2007 Detective Tom Walsh followed up on an anonymous tip, which combined with his research led him to Antonetti's ex-boyfriend Dennis Davis. On July 2, the Travis County Grand Jury indicted him on first degree murder.

"I don't know if he ever thought this would catch up with him or not, but eventually it did," Walsh said.

Davis was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee where he was working in the music industry. He's listed on the credits for albums by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Goudie, now a musician himself, remembers going to Davis' Austin studio, watching and learning from him.

"It's really shocking because I didn't expect that. It's sad that my mom went out with someone who ended up doing that to her. That's just awful," Goudie said of the arrest.

He is thankful to the person who brought attention to the case and has this message for the public, "Anyone out there that knows anything about a crime if they could call it'd make a huge difference in peoples' lives."

Davis is scheduled to be extradited to Austin this week.