Perry indictment: Judge orders grand jury not to speak

AUSTIN -- After Gov. Rick Perry's indictment, the judge ordered the 12 jurors not to discuss what they heard and saw during the grand jury process.

The grand jury included six men and six women. The oldest was 68-years-old. The youngest juror was in their 20s.

When asked if they could provide insight into their decision, one anonymous juror told KVUE News, "The judge instructed the jury not to discuss the case with anyone and to keep details of the case secret."

If the jurors don't follow the judge's orders, and talk about the case in any way, they could face criminal charges themselves.

"It's considered to be against the law, and they could be prosecuted for violating the judges' order; certainly a contempt order," said Sam Bassett, a longtime criminal defense attorney in Austin.

Bassett contends details of the case must remain secret to preserve the integrity of Gov. Perry's potential trial. After all, he says, the grand jury only hears from the prosecution when it makes its decision to indict. No defense representation is in the room.

"I think that's what judges and lawyers and prosecutors are very concerned about in a high-publicity case. [They] don't want a jury pool of people who have already made up their mind before they hear all of the evidence," said Bassett.

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