Young girl inspires others to give in Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas -- A handwritten letter arrived at Baytown City Hall from a 7-year-old girl on a mission.

Katelynn Schimcek's message was short and sweet.

"My allowance to feed the hungry," it said.

The soon-to-be 2nd grader from White Elementary in El Lago was visiting her grandparents in Baytown when she came up with the idea.

"I told my papa that I wanted to send off money to the poor kids because I felt bad that they didn't have any food," Katelynn told us.

She didn't even have the full address but mailed her letter along with her allowance of $2 dollar and it arrived at city hall.

"She wrote out the letter herself, mayor and it actually got here which is really funny when I heard about it," said Katelynn's mom Nichole Love. "When I heard about it and when we got a letter back from the mayor we were shocked"

Baytown Mayor Stephen DonCarlos was moved and inspired by Katelynn's generosity.

"We were all extremely impressed and started talking and the staff said why don't we match her two dollar donation and see how much we can raise," said Mayor DonCarlos.

City employees started pitching in to help the hungry too. They have raised more than $300 to buy food. They plan to donate all of it to Bay Area Homeless Services.

It turns out, Katelynn's reason for helping started after an age old dinner conversation.

"My mom always tells me if you don't eat all your food that's wasting because of the poor kids," she explained.

The mayor of Baytown is now challenging other cities to raise money to help the hungry, the Katelynn way.


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