White professor sues historically black university for discrimination

A professor at Texas Southern University says he is being discriminated against because he's white.

HOUSTON -- A professor at Texas Southern University claims he is being discriminated against because he is white.

Professor Christopher Tymczak filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court against the historically black university.

"If I had a different skin color, I would absolutely not be treated the way I have been treated," Tymczak said.

Tymczak teaches physics at TSU and has been at the university for 10 years. He claims he’s not being treated fairly by a supervisor and denied promotions because he is not African American.

In the lawsuit, Tymczak alleges that he is being subject to "baseless reprimands and harassment" and "unjustified and derogatory comments." He claims the university has done nothing to address his concerns.

When asked about the allegations, a TSU spokesperson said the university couldn't comment on litigation.

Tymczak's boss calls Tymczak's claims baseless and hurtful. He says the issue is the professor's job performance and not his race.

"There is no substance to what he is saying," said the TSU supervisor, who is not a defendant in the lawsuit. "I am really offended that he would accuse me of that."

KHOU 11 News analyst Gerald Treece says discrimination lawsuits like this one can be difficult to prove.

"The Supreme Court of the United States has made these cases harder and harder to win," said Treece.

Tymczak says he wants to continue working at TSU and isn't attempting to win a large sum of money. He says he wants the alleged discrimination to stop.

"I want it to end so I can go back to my teaching," he said. "I love teaching."


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